Third Grade Organic Gardeners

Research Question: How and why is organic gardening helpful?

Third grade students apply organic methods in the school garden. Compost bins, designed by students, have been put in place to create nutrient rich soil and fertilizer. A composting dehydrator, recently obtained through a local partnership, aids in the reduction of cafeteria waste. Students are working to train others on the benefits of composting and how to compost. The research they take part in now involves how to organically grow a variety of crops using soil they create, as well as the environmental effects of pollution. Our goal is to continue making the community aware of keeping the environment healthy for growing food and plants by incorporating organic gardening methods. This knowledge will benefit them and their communities regardless of where they may go in life.

Use of Data:

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Our Partners: 

  • We consult with Dalton Whitfield Solid Waste Authority on recycling and waste reduction practices.
  • Lowe’s – community business partner that has worked closely with our school and allows students to educate the community about organic gardening and composting practices.
  • Greater Works – Students have donated crops to Greater Works Ministries to help feed less fortunate and looking to further enhance community contributions by maintaining a garden plot.
  • We are working with various garden vendors to consult and diversify our garden success and crop choices.
  • J & J Industries


Civic Contributions to our Community:

  • Donating student grown organic crops to Greater Works
  • Lowe’s – Student led workshops to community on organic gardening
  • Educating students and staff at the school about benefits of composting and how to compost/using the dehydrator
  • Establishing community garden plots for local residents


Integration of Core Curriculum with Research:


We integrate core curriculum in many ways. Reading a variety of non fiction texts, including books and news articles about organic gardening. Students research and write about their observations, including identifying and solving problems throughout the process.

3rd grade writing Compost critters


Students including identifying and solving problems throughout the process. The process includes analyzing and collecting data  and measurement and graphing on a regular basis.



Our Little Stories Of Effect On Students’ Lives:

We have had a number of students to report that they are researching and beginning gardens and compost/recycling at home. Students are becoming experts on what goes in “good compost” and discovering many ways it can be used. Our students are becoming environmentally aware of their choices and how those choices impact daily living.


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