Pre-Kindergarten STEM Scouts

Research Question: What is STEM in our school? Brookwood Pre-Kindergarteners are learning the basics of what STEM means, and how it relates to the world around them (namely the school community). After acclimating to school, students are learning what it means to be a Scientist. They are learning what it means to observe the world and people around us; what it means to predict what will happen in an experiment or even in a story! Our main focus for observation will be the courtyard in the heart of the school.  For Technology, we will teach our students how to take … Continue reading Pre-Kindergarten STEM Scouts

STEM + DLI = Rich Learning

At Brookwood real and relevant learning experiences are integral to the daily work students do. Teaching students to read or to reason with numbers becomes relevant to students when their learning context necessitates the use of such skills. When we began our Dual Language Immersion program in German in 2016, we were adamant that no student would miss the STEM learning that each grade level enjoys in the form of shared research in and outside of the school. Below are awesome time lapse video examples of STEM work in the first grade depicting our very own Monarch life cycles as witnessed by … Continue reading STEM + DLI = Rich Learning